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Как же здорово, что Вы решили присоединиться к сообществу экспертов. Для завершения регистрации необходимо только заполнить простую форму:

Login (Expert Alias)
It is you name or a pseudonym, which will be displayed as public name of the expert.
It must be at least 4 characters length and contains only latin characters, digits, space character and - _
E-mail address
E-mail address can be used for notifications (about new messages for example) and for password recovery.
It is not required to finish sign up procedure, and you may add it in Expert office later.
Password again
Password policy:
User password must be 6 symbols (or more) and it must contains at least 1 character and at least 1 digit.
We do not store passwords in the database. Hashsum of the passwords only. This way is much safely.
Password repeat is needed for exclude mistakes only.